Correct score at the half time after an early goal


A few days ago I found a rather interesting betting statistics related to football matches. I found it in one of the betting forums that I usually read while searching for new betting ideas. It’s about football matches when the visiting team managed to score the first goal in the match within the first five minutes of the game.

Statistics shows in great details all the necessary data about what happens in such matches and I’ll do my best to retell it to you or at least the most important things.

First it is important to clarify that in this betting statistic are covered only the five strongest football leagues in Europe. These are the Premier League, La Liga, Serie A, Ligue 1 and the Bundesliga.

According to the betting data for the correct score at the end of the first half presented in this observation we can see a very interesting phenomenon. In each of the leagues most of the matches ends with no more scored goals in the first half. Say it with other words the correct score in most of the matches after the first 45 minutes is 0:1.

Here are the details. The percentages of matches ended with correct result at the half times 0:1 are – Premiership 35.6%, Serie A – 50%, La Liga – 35.4%, League 1- 33 %, Bundesliga – 36.6%.

This compared with the rates offered by the bookmakers like William Hill, bet365 and bet-at-home shows that it can be played with some success. In such cases, the coefficient for an accurate result at the half time 0:1varies depending on the class of both teams, but is very rarely below 3.

This means that it is possible to gain some profit by using this method and if you play it serious, with the necessary discipline and strict money management you can easily achieve good results in your betting.

How to use the movement of betting odds


Using the offered by the bookmakers odds and especially odds movements is a betting skill which if you have you can safely say you are a completed punter. We all know that the movement of the odds indicates what kind of bets are made around the world for one particular match. When we look at the history of the betting odds we can see can we make a bet on the highest possible odds and whether there are chances in the future to get even better odds for our bet?

That’s why a constant review of the betting odds seems mandatory for those who want to gain profit from sports betting.

One of the sites that offer such possibility is Betexplorer. In this site and in its section for Odds movement you can see the matches with the greatest movement in the odds. For the comfort of all who use the site is presented a percentage of the difference between the initial and current odds. By being able to see this you can easily find out which odds are going higher and which are going in the opposite direction.

Apart from this in this section you would see the bookmaker that gives the highest odds for the match, thus you can very quickly make the needed bet.

Here is important to make a clarification. When considering the drop of coefficients is good to see carefully what kind of odds are falling.

When we have a heavy favorite in a match, then even a minimal change in its odds will have a great impact over the odds of the underdog. So if we have a match in which the favorite had odds of 1.11 and 6.75 were the odds for the underdog when the odds moves and the favorite rate becomes 1.12, then the underdog’s odds would be around 6.2. In this case we have a serious drop, but does it matter at all?

That’s why I prefer to look only the movement in the coefficients of the favorites in a match. They are the truest indicator of what is happening with the coefficients and their relationship between the initial odds and the one who bookmakers offer at the moment.